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Session-wise Curriculum

Scratch is a block based programming software designed by MIT Media lab. This software is specially designed for young children to develop their coding and logical skills. Students can learn to make projects based on stories, games, animations and applications. Scratch allows to design full graphical scene and write instructions for each sprite or component.

Scratch projects will teach designing with coding. Student learn to practice with core coding concepts like making algorithms, code for movements, appearance, using if-else statements, loops, sensing, conditions, variables, lists, operators etc. Students can design their own screen or characters and then make code to control those scenery like games, stories or animations.

Scratch coding improves creativity, imagination, logical skills and thinking skills. It allows children to think innovatively, design their ideas on screen and code to convert their imaginations into reality.

Recommended for Ages: 8 to 10

Pre-requisites - None

Price: Rs. 4800 for 12 sessions of 1 hour each

Session #
Learning Outcome from the session
Introduction & Story
Sprite, background, look, event
Hungry Monkey
Screen design, sprite, background, movement
Hungry Monkey
Movement, looks, repeat
Code for Maze
Screen design, Coordinate movement
Code for Maze
If-else statement, sensing
Code for Maze
Background designing, sensing, sound
Apple rain
Screen design, movement, operator
Apple rain
If-else statement, sensing and variable
Apple rain
Background, sound
Flappy bird
Costume design, layout, movement
Flappy bird
Loop, sensing, if-else
Capstone Project
Advance and redesign Flappy Bird

How does this work?

There are multiple levels in each program. Each level will be 12 sessions long with 1 hour duration every day and end with a Capstone project

The sessions will be conducted using Zoom and the material covered in each session will be available to the children at the end of the session for further practice

Benefits of our Programs

Live Classes with Experienced Teachers

Classes are conducted in small groups of  students so that children get individual attention

Real world projects

Children learn to apply concepts learnt in Math and Science for creating solution/prototypes for real-world problems.


After successfully completing every level of any program, children earn a Certificate of Accomplishment

Curriculum Created by Experts from Industry

Our world-class programs are designed to be flexible enough to meet individual children’s needs, interest, learning pace & style.

Our Other Offerings

Junior Block Coder

Scratch Programming with ML / AI

Mobile App Inventor

Introduction to Python Programming

Intermediate Python

Advanced Python

Junior Block Coder (Ages 6 to 8)

Learning coding at an early age develops core fundamentals, brain development, logical and thinking skills,
creativity, imagination and technical skills.

This course teaches very basic coding concepts using super friendly activities and a drag and drop programming environment. Children will learn algorithm making, need of loop, nested loop, while loop, if-else statement etc. 

Recommended for Ages: 6 - 8

Pre-requisites - None

Price: Rs. 4800 for 12 sessions of 1 hour each

Programming with Scratch - Level 1

Learning Scratch is the best way to learn creative computing for kids early on who have not yet had experience with programming.

During this summer camp, students will learn the basics of programming using Scratch, a visual drag and drop programming environment. Children develop design and problem solving skills and strategies. 

Recommended for Ages: 7 - 12

Pre-requisites - None

Price: Rs. 4800 for 12 sessions of 1 hour each

Programming with Scratch - AI / ML

This is an introductory course to Artificial intelligence and machine learning. Artificial intelligence has its footprint in every field such as Agriculture, Healthcare, Transport, Manufacturing, Sports.

In this course, students gain the basic understanding of What, Why and How of Machine learning and AI by building projects using scratch. 

Recommended for Ages: 7 - 12

Pre-requisites - Programming with Scratch - Level 1

Price: Rs. 4800 for 12 sessions of 1 hour each

Build your own Professional Mobile Apps

By learning to develop apps, children can go from consuming data to creating information on the digital media. App development gives kids the opportunity to express their ideas & thoughts, builds their confidence, and empowers them with 21st century skills.

In this course kids will learn about advanced mobile app design & development to create their own fully functional Android apps using Coding, User Experience and User Interface (UI/UX) design principles.

Recommended for Ages: 11 - 15

Pre-requisites - None

Price: Rs. 4800 for 12 sessions of 1 hour each

Math & Logical Reasoning Summer Camp

Brush up your Math concepts in this 12 day Summer Camp! Learn to model word problems using the Singapore block model method. Develop Mathematical and Logical Reasoning skills.

Children will solve Math puzzles, word problems, solve reasoning questions by applying logic and most importantly, have fun!

Recommended for Ages: 7 - 13

Pre-requisites - None

Price: Rs. 3600 for 12 sessions of 1 hour each